Over 50% of STEM undergraduates change their major to areas outside of science and technology...
Let's change that.
Why is that? Research shows that these students could not see the practical application of what they were studying in class. CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society (ACS), created Chemistry Class Advantage™ to help make the connection.
ACS literature found in SciFinder® bridges the gap between textbook and real world
Students need to see how the organic chemistry they are studying changes the world. Feedback from previous students has shown Chemistry Class Advantage helps apply classroom concepts to drug development, natural products, and manufacturing. Check out a few sample lessons below.
"Chemistry Class Advantage really helps me to bridge the gap between the lecture and the laboratory courses."
Laura Serbulea
University of Virginia
Easily differentiate your classroom experience with no additional cost
A new guided setup tool allows you to incorporate a few lessons or as many lessons appropriate for your students. Each lesson contains relevant and relatable research examples using SciFinder® that can be used as part of your curriculum or extra credit. Chemistry Class Advantage is available for no additional cost to you or your students.
Helps students improve their grade
Previous students indicate Chemistry Class Advantage helped them improve their grade. It's a great complement to the textbook and other homework solutions you are already using.
Increase Critical Thinking
Move students beyond the classroom from memorization to exploration
Foster appreciation for scientific literature
Teach valuable skills for finding and evaluating scientific literature and prepare them for graduate school or industry
Target real-world problems
Demonstrate the application of organic chemistry through a relatable example of how it impacts everyday life
Stem the STEM tide
Engage your students with interactive lessons that help students learn by doing and understand how they can change the world around them through chemistry.
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It's free and easy to setup
It is imperative your students understand the importance of accurate and thorough research. With Chemistry Class Advantage, you propel your students toward future academic and career success. And your colleagues agree.