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Query Menu

The Query Menu on the Main Menu bar contains the following:

Query Menu Item


Prepare Structure Query

Open a new Standard structure drawing window.

Prepare Command File

Open a file to create a script of commands for your online session.  

Check Command File

Check a script for errors. If errors are found, STNEdit highlights appropriate script lines and displays a message at the bottom of the STNEdit window. To learn the nature of the error, move the mouse pointer over the highlighted part of a line.  Correct the error, save the script, and check the script again until no errors are found.

Edit WPI Strategy

Edit an existing Derwent WPI fragmentation code strategy.  

Generate WPI Strategy

Generate a WPI fragmentation code strategy for a WPI query structure.

Print WPI Strategy

Print a WPI fragmentation code search strategy.

Include WPI Other Code Concepts

Select Other Code Concepts to include when generating a WPI fragmentation code strategy.

Create Command File from SciFinder Answer Keys

Create command file from a SciFinder answer set.

Create and Run command File from SciFinder Answer Keys

Create and run a command file from a SciFinder answer set.

Create Search Term Command File

Create a command file from search terms.

Create Query Summary File

Create a file with a summary of search history.

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