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Status Bar in STN Online and Results Window

The Status Bar in STN Online and Results window contains the following:

Status Bar Item



Displays a pop-up menu for the Discover! wizards.


Displays the directory path and the file name for your transcript.  If you are not capturing a transcript, click Transcript to start capture.

File Name  

Displays the current STN file. Click this box to display a pop-up menu with recently entered files or to select From a List of files.


Click this box to change from the insert to overwrite mode for entering text.

Hold On/Hold Off

Toggle to Hold On to stop the screen from continuously scrolling. Toggle to Hold Off to resume scrolling.

Print Off/Print On       

Print On activates slave printing of information on the terminal window.  Print Off turns off printing.


Indicates an active session; the green color indicates ready and red indicates busy. Offline indicates terminated communication.

Running Timer

Displays the total amount of time you have been connected in your online session.

Refer to Layout Preferences for information on how you can customize the Status Bar.

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