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STN Online and Results Toolbar

The Toolbar in STN Online and Results window contains the following buttons. Hover the cursor over the button to have its function displayed in the Status Bar.




Launch BLAST


Edit transcript

Turn off capture session




Report tool

Table tool

Predefined Report and Table tool

R-group tool

Go backwards in a session or transcript

Go forward  in a session or transcript

Upload structure query

Open Discover!  Wizard Window

Activate the Command Window

Prepare the Command File

Run the Command File

Send break to online host

Hyperlink all CAS Registry Numbers while connected to STN

Send logoff command

Force send - click, enter your command and press Enter

Open structure drawing window

Set various Terminal Emulation preferences


You may customize the Toolbar by adding or removing tool buttons.

To add a tool button:

  1. Right-click in the space on the Toolbar where you want to add a button.  The Toolbar Preferences dialog appears.  The initial option is Remove button or gap from toolbar.

  2. Click Next to view the buttons one at a time.  Continue to click Next until you see the desired button.

  3. Click OK to choose the displayed button for the Toolbar. The new button is displayed on the Toolbar in the slot you have selected.

To remove a tool button or a gap:

  1. Right-click on the button or gap that you want to remove.  

  2. In the Toolbar Preferences dialog, click OK. The tool button or gap that you have selected is now removed from the Toolbar.

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