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BLAST Preferences

Preference Description

Select type of firewall

If you have a firewall or proxy server, it must permit a secure HTTP connection. Select HTTP or Socks, and enter the proxy server name or address and communications port.

Maximum number of alert result sets to keep per profile

You may keep a maximum of 20 sets of CAS Registry BLAST® alert results per profile. If you run an alert and you reach your maximum number of alert results, the oldest alerts results are deleted automatically.

Favorite Locations

Specify your favorite directory to read sequences into BLAST and your favorite directory to save results from BLAST.

Maximum No. of concurrent Reports

The maximum number of BLAST reports that you may view at the same time. The range is 1-4 and depends on the amount of memory and processor speed on your PC.

Use id/pw from existing STN setup

If this option is selected, log on to BLAST uses the STN login ID and password from an existing STN logon setup that you select. If this option is not selected, you receive a prompt for this information every time you log on to BLAST.

Use wizard when getting STN Sequence or Reference records (not both) from BLAST®

When this option is selected, and you use the Get STN Data function in BLAST, the Discover! refine and display wizard is invoked for either Sequence records (i.e.,REGISTRY) or Reference records (i.e., CAplus).

E-mail address for CAS Registry BLAST® Alerts

Enter the e-mail address to be used for e-mail notification of availability of CAS Registry BLAST Alert results. Enter the e-mail address before setting up a CAS Registry BLAST Alert. There is no option for entering an e-mail address within the CAS Registry BLAST Alert interaction. Note that, for a single STN login ID, you may use only a single e-mail address for notification of alerts. A change in e-mail address for BLAST Alerts affects all Alerts for that login ID, i.e., both existing Alerts and newly created ones.

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