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General Preferences

General Preferences are used to:

Changing folders

To change folders where files, such as transcripts or queries are placed, type the path name in the text box for the folder or browse for folder location and select it.

Customizing the display of the Toolbar

Select from the following options:

Option Selected



Display the toolbar buttons in STN Express (default)

Always on top

Force the toolbar to remain visible at all times

Minimize toolbar on use of editor

Minimize the toolbar after using editor


Control whether the toolbar has tool tips in addition to the text on the buttons

Selecting Language

You may also select the language that STN Express and related programs use for the display of menus and buttons.  To use Japanese you must have a Japanese version of Windows. The language setting takes effect as soon as you click OK. Other STN Express programs that are already running must be restarted before the language is changed.

Specifying Text Editor

To specify your own text editor, type or paste the complete path to the editor program in the Editor box. If this box is blank, the STN Express built-in editor is used.  

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