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Element Count

Element Count on the QueryDef menu is used to limit the types and numbers of elements in generic groups or to limit the types of Markush retrievals for your query.  

To use Element Count:

  1. Select one or more generic nodes in your structure.

  2. Select Element Count from the QueryDef menu.

  3. In the Element Count dialog box choose the elements that you wish to limit in your query.  Select Exact, Range, Minimum, or Maximum.  Click Add to apply the Element Count to selected nodes.  The elements available for selection depend upon the generic group selected. Click Remove to remove the Element Count from selected nodes.  Click OK to return to structure building.

  4. Check the Limited box to match generic groups that explicitly meet your Element Count specification.  If the Limited box is not checked, generic groups that merely imply your Element Count specification will be matched.

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