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Generic Definition

Generic Definition on the QueryDef menu is used to specify attributes of generic nodes.  Select generic nodes (Ak, Cb, Cy, or Hy) of the same type to enable this option.

The following options are available:




  • Saturated - all bonds are single exact

  • Unsaturated - at least one double exact, triple, or normalized bond

Type of Chain

  • Linear - all atoms have one or two attachments

  • Branched - at least one atom has more than two attachments

Number of Hetero Atoms

Specify number of non-carbon atoms

Type of Ring System

  • Monocyclic - one bond must be broken to change the system into a chain

  • Polycyclic - two or more bonds must be broken to change the system to a chain

Number of Carbon Atoms

Default is ANY, can be set to >7 or <7.


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