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Refine Structure Queries Using Filters (Screens)

You may refine a structure query by using filters (screens). Filters are useful:

To add filters:

1.  Select Save from the File menu or click the Save tool when you are done with creating your structure in the Structure Drawing window.

2.  Check Refine Using Structure Filters and click Save in the Saving dialog.  

Refine Using Structure Filters window is displayed.  Any filter automatically selected by STN Express is displayed preceded by >> in the selected filter list box. Other filters can be added by selecting the filter from the list, followed by the operator that you want to use. Any CAS REGISTRY file screen number can also be added to a Custom Screen list.

Click Save when you are done.

3.  Logon to STN and upload the structure. Click on the file name and Use Filters will automatically be set to the correct value.  Click Open to upload the structure.  A command file is automatically run.  L-numbers are created for the screens as well as the structure, and a final L-number query consisting of the structure and screens is created.  Conduct the search using the query L-number.

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