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Other Code Concepts for WPI Queries

The Other Code Concepts  in the STN Express Query menu is used to include non-structural codes and sugar codes in your Fragmentation code strategy. These codes can be selected before or after drawing your structure, by choosing the Include WPI Other Code Concepts from the STN Express Query menu.

To use Other Code Concepts:

  1. Select the codes you want by clicking Select Codes.  On the appropriate descriptor(s) from the menus selected codes appear in the lower window, with the definitions in the upper window.  

  2. Codes can be combined using Boolean AND or OR.  Click on the menu heading to toggle between them.  Use Delete Last or Delete All to erase your selection. It is not possible to select truncated codes directly, but you can include them by selecting a specific code, generating the strategy, and then editing the strategy.

  3. When you have finished selecting codes, select Leave OCC or minimize the OCC window.  This returns you to the main STN Express menu.  (If you have not yet drawn your structure, do so now - the selected non-structural codes will remain active.  When you have drawn and saved your structure, leave structure drawing and return to the main STN Express menus.)  

  4. Select Generate WPI Codes from the Query menu, and select the name of the saved structure. Click in the checkbox labeled Include, to mark it with an x, and click on Generate. The selected non-structural codes will be included in your strategy.

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