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Create a CAS Registry BLAST Alerts Profile

You can create a CAS Registry BLAST® Alerts profile based on a search for similar sequences. Based on the profile, you will receive periodic BLAST result sets of new or updated sequences as they become available.

To create a profile for an existing search:

Before you begin: View a similarity search result.

  1. From the CAS Registry BLAST Report menu bar, select Tools > Set Up Alert.


    "Zero result" searches: You can create a profile for a search with zero (0) results to alert you if similar sequences become available in the future.

    The Create Profile window displays.

  2. Enter a Profile Name that is descriptive of your profile.

    Restrictions: Names must be 100 or fewer characters. Each profile name must be unique within your profile collection.

  3. The CAS REGISTRYSM database is selected automatically. Select how frequently you want STN® to monitor it.

    Options: Weekly or biweekly

  4. Select an Expiration date for this profile.



  5. Keep the default for Include previously retrieved sequences as they are updated to receive subsequent updates.

    – or –

    Deselect this option to suppress retrieval of previously-retrieved sequences.

    Note on "Select the steps": Currently, Alerts profiles consist of the initial search step only.

  6. Click OK.

    Your profile is added.

    Maximum number of profiles: 100

    Results notification:

  7. Continue with your sequence search.

    – or –

    Access the CAS Registry BLAST Alerts Profiles window to verify this profile.


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