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CAS Registry BLAST Introduction

Search CAS Registry BLAST® (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) to locate sequences of interest in patent, journal, and GenBank® sources. You can then transfer CAS Registry Numbers® for those sequences to STN on the Web, where you can use STN tools and command language to locate substance and bibliographic records.

Restriction: CAS Registry BLAST is not available for academic accounts.

Launch CAS Registry BLAST

For more information on how to launch CAS Registry BLAST in STN on the Web, see Launch CAS Registry BLAST.


CAS recognizes that sequence queries submitted for BLAST searching and search results are valuable intellectual property. To safeguard this information, CAS Registry BLAST utilizes 128-bit SSL encryption, the standard for financial transactions and other applications requiring a high level of security. For details, see Security of CAS Registry BLAST Queries and Results.


For price information for CAS Registry BLAST, type HELP COST at an arrow prompt when you are in the CAS REGISTRY database.

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