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Result Set Manager Edit Menu

The Edit menu in the Result Set Manager contains standard editing functions as well as some that are specific to CAS Registry BLAST® searches. These include:

Menu Item Function

View Results

Opens a BLAST Report window and shows sequences for a result highlighted in the Result Set Manager.

Rename Result

Displays the Renaming Result window. Enter the new name in the text box.

Name Length: <= 100 characters.

Edit Alerts Profile

Opens the Update Profile window for the selected CAS Registry BLAST Alerts report, where you can edit the characteristics of the profile.

Save Permanently

Copies a CAS Registry BLAST Alerts result to the Reports tab of the Results Set Manager.

When to use: Use this option to:

  • Save results from automatic deletion (since the Results tab can store a greater number of results sets than can be saved per profile), or
  • Save previous results when deleting a profile.

Delete Results

Deletes one or more selected results.

Confirmation: You are asked to confirm the deletion.

Select All

Selects (highlights) all results for further operations.

Unselect All

Deselects (removes highlighting from) any selected steps.

Invert Selection

Reverses the status of your current selections:

  • Deselects (removes highlighting from) previously selected lines, and
  • Selects (highlights) previously unselected lines


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