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Set CAS Registry BLAST Preferences

These CAS Registry BLAST® preferences are available for STN® on the WebSM:

To set or modify your preferences:

  1. From the Result Set Manager Tools menu, select Preferences.

    – or –

    On the Toolbar, click the Prefs button.

  2. Click the menu item for the types of preferences you want to set:

  3. Edit settings.

  4. Click a button to implement or discard changes:

    Button Function


    Applies and saves all changes.


    Closes window without applying changes. Any settings changed will revert to their previous values.

    Alternate: Closing the window with the Close window button button also cancels changes without applying.


    Makes changes permanent.


    Returns settings that have not been applied to their default values.

  5. Exit CAS Registry BLAST (Preferences) window..

  6. Click Launch CAS Registry BLAST on the Sequence Search Assistant page to restart BLAST using your proxy settings.

  7. If additional assistance is required, contact CAS Technical Support.

Locations Settings

Setting Description

Folders: Sequences

Folder where sequence query files may be stored for upload into the Search by Sequence query box.

Folders: Save-As

Folder where BLAST search results may be saved as a TXT or HTM (HTML) file.

Proxy Settings

Setting Description and values

Type of firewall

Proxy server protocol type.

Valid values:
HTTP – including HTTPS or secure server

HTTP Proxy server host-name

Host name or IP address.

HTTP Proxy server port

Valid values: 1 - 65,535
Default: 8,000

SOCKS Proxy server host-name

Host name or IP address.

SOCKS Proxy server port

Valid values: 1 - 65,535
Default: 1,080

Restriction: SOCKS 5 authentication is not supported.

For more information, review Connecting CAS Registry BLAST via Proxy Server

Alerts Settings

Setting Description and values

This is an STN Mail ID

Select if using an STN mail ID for your e-mail address. For more information on using a STN Mail ID, type HELP MAIL at an arrow prompt within STN =>.

Email Address

STN mail ID or valid Internet address used to receive:

  • Notification of Alerts results
  • Notification before Alerts profile is run for the last time

Maximum number of Result Sets to keep per profile

Number of result sets saved for each profile. Each additional new set above this value causes automatic deletion of the oldest result.

Valid values: 1-20
Default: 10

Saving permanently: To save more result sets than the maximum allowed here, save them permanently to the Results Set Manager.


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