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BLAST Report Window

View your CAS Registry BLAST® search results in the BLAST Report window.

How to Access

  1. Access the Result Set Manager.

  2. Click a result line and click View Result.

    The CAS Registry BLAST Report window displays.


The BLAST Report menu bar accesses these menus:

Menu Item Function

File Menu

Save As

Saves your results as a text file (.txt extension) or html file (.html or .htm extension). See Save a Similar Sequences Search Result for details.

Print from Browser

Opens your default browser and displays a text file of your results in the browser window. You can then print from the browser.

Exit CAS Registry BLAST

Ends this CAS Registry BLAST session and closes associated windows.


Closes the window.

Edit Menu

Select All

Displays a check mark next to all results, selecting them for further operations.

Unselect All

Removes the check mark next to selected results.

Invert Selection

Reverses your current selections, removing the check mark next to any selected results and displaying a check mark next to any previously unselected results.

View Menu

Show All Details

Depending on the type of BLAST search performed, this displays length, score, Expect value, Identities, Gaps, Strand, Frames, and Query/Subject pairs for each sequence.

Show No Details

Restricts each result display to its one-line summary of score, Expect value, and sequence name.

Search Menu

The Search menu initiates these CAS Registry BLAST tasks:

Tools Menu

Transfer RNs

Allows you to transfer CAS Registry Numbers for sequences from CAS Registry BLAST to STN.  

Examine Query

Shows the result name, program choice, database subsets, and parameter settings in addition to the input query for a selected result.

Set Up Alert

Displays the Create Profile dialog, allowing you to create a CAS Registry BLAST Alerts profile for this results.

Help Menu

CAS Registry BLAST Help Accesses CAS Registry BLAST Help.
About CAS Registry BLAST Contains copyright and version information.

Result Details

See View Your Search Result for an explanation of result details.

Lower Button Bar

Buttons across the bottom of the window provide these functions:

Button Function

Transfer RNs

Use to transfer Registry Numbers from CAS Registry BLAST to STN on the Web.


Closes the window.

CAS Registry BLAST Alert Icon

BLAST Alert icon

Opens a Create Profile window to let you create a CAS Registry BLAST Alert based on this result.


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