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Creating and Modifying Standard Logon Setups

  1. Select STN Setup.

  2. Select New to create a new setup.  Choose a Setup Name and click Modify to modify a logon setup.  Modify and New use the same dialog.  Click OK.  

  3. Click Save and then OK to save and exit.

Standard Setup dialog options


How to use

Setup Name

Name to identify a specific setup.  The name must be 20 or fewer characters and can include any combination of letters, numbers, special characters, and spaces.

Host Name

Select the STN Service Center for your account from the Host Name pop-up menu.

Login ID

Entering a login ID is optional.  If you do not enter it here, you will be prompted to enter it every time you log on to STN.


Entering a password is optional.  If you do not enter it here, you will be prompted to enter it every time you log on to STN. Saved passwords are encrypted in the express.ini file.

Host Settings

These are settings specific to STN; many are critically important and cannot be changed.  

Select the Command Window box to cause STN Express to open a Command Window when you log on to STN.  

The Close Window at logoff box is checked by default; it tells STN Express to close the session window after you log off.  Uncheck this box if you do not want to close the session window at log off.

In the Execute at first Host Prompt window, you may enter up to five commands.  The first command is sent when the first => prompt is received, and the remaining commands are sent, one at a time, with each succeeding arrow prompt. By default, a carriage return is sent after each line.  Add the keyword NOCR as the last word on the last line to indicate that this line is to be displayed in the STN Online and Results window, but not sent. This allows you to enter data after the defined character string, before it is sent.  

STN Port

The STN Port is X by default for commercial accounts.  You may change it to the port letter appropriate for your academic account.

Connect via

Winsock (Internet) option is selected.  The Host Name or IP Address, Port, and Echo fields are displayed. Winsock will use the Telnet protocol to communicate with the STN servers.

Standard Logon

Use to connect to STN via one of the supported networks.

Standard Logoff

Use to disconnect from STN via one of the supported connections.

Encryption provided by RSA

Select for encrypted Telnet sessions to STN hosts (Default).

Communication Settings

These settings are for the Winsock (Internet) option selected in Connect via.


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