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The Online menu in STN Online and Results window contains the following:

Online Menu Option


Recall Command

Recall the last command you typed online.  You may use this command repeatedly to recall prior commands from the same session, or to edit a line to create a new command.  Use the Up Arrow/Down Arrow keys as shortcuts.

Use Pagination Mode/ Use Continuous Scroll

Toggle to control the scrolling of your online display data. Pagination Mode holds a screen temporarily. To continue displaying the next screen, click the Hold On box in the Status Bar.

Show Text Structures/ Show Graphics Structures

Toggle to display text or graphics structures.

Suppress Screen Display/ Restore Screen Display

Toggle to control the output display in a terminal window. Suppress Screen Display prevents STN Express from updating the window with new data; this increases the speed at which you may capture results.

Send Break

Send a break to interrupt a host system process.

Prompt Override

Moves your cursor to the line directly below the prompt and makes STN Express ready to accept a typed command.

Terminal Mode

Use to change terminal emulation if you want to access non-STN hosts.

Kermit Send

Upload text or binary files using the Kermit protocol.

Kermit Receive

Download a file from a host system.


Disconnect from an online host.

Logoff Hold

Disconnect from STN temporarily.

Command Window

Open a separate window for entering commands to your online host.

Wizard Window

Display the Wizard Window.

Look up in personal dictionary

Look up terms in personal dictionary search aid.

Look up in Lexicon dictionary

Look up terms in CA Lexicon search aid.

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