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Creating Predefined Reports and Tables

Use the Predefined Report tool to quickly create a formatted report or table from a transcript (.trn or .rtf) file using predefined content and formatting.

To create a predefined report or table:

  1. Click the Predefined Report button on the toolbar of the STN Express Main Menu or the STN Online and Results window.  The report and table tools can be used when you are not in an active online session.

  2. Select from the following options for types of predefined reports or tables: Patents, Journals, Patents and Journals, Substance Report, Substance Report with Properties, Substance Table, or Substance Table with Properties.

  3. The Transcript File dialog is displayed.  Select the transcript file for your report.  Click Open.  A predefined report is automatically displayed with all the applicable records from your transcript.

If any records are unable to be processed for the predefined report or table due to lack of needed content, a pop-up warning box is displayed.

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