Script SEND Statement

SEND "string" [EDIT] [HIDDEN] [NOCR]

The SEND statement is used to send a character string to the online host. (Technically, the string is sent to the communication port specified in the logon setup. Therefore, for example, a string can be sent to a modem before STN Express is connected to the host.)

The string and other parameters may occur in any order after the SEND statement. The "=>" and ":" statements are specific forms of SEND.

EDIT is an option that allows the string to be edited before it is sent. EDIT works as \! does in the => and : statements.

HIDDEN does not display the string as it is sent. This is useful when sending passwords.

A carriage return is automatically included after the string. To suppress it, use the NOCR keyword.

For example:

SEND "ATDT 555-1212"


+++ATDT 555-1212

to the modem.

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