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Personal Dictionary for Search Terms

STN Express® can automatically create a "personal dictionary" consisting of an alphabetical listing of any terms that you have used in your search statements. You may then use this personal dictionary to save time in query development by selecting hard-to-spell or other terms.

To create and use a personal dictionary, check the box Create and update personal dictionary in the Online tab of Preferences. Your personal dictionary will continue to be updated until you click Clear Dictionary in Online Preferences.

To use personal dictionary:

  1. Start typing in SEARCH or EXPAND command.

  2. Select Lookup in personal dictionary from the Online menu.

  3. A separate window appears with an alphabetical listing of terms in your personal dictionary.  Double-click on the desired term.

  4. The selected term may be used in your SEARCH or EXPAND statement.

To edit personal dictionary:

  1. Select Edit Personal Dictionary from the File menu in STN Online and Results.

  2. The Personal Dictionary Editor window is displayed with editing options.



Add Add a term from the single line text box to the dictionary


Replace the selected term in the dictionary by the term in the single line text box


Delete selected term(s) from the dictionary


Import terms from an exported personal dictionary (.txt) file for adding to the current personal dictionary
Export Export a copy of the personal dictionary as a plain text (.txt) file for sharing
Clear Clear (remove) the content of personal dictionary

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