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Fuse Fragment in Structure Drawing

Use the Fuse Fragment option to fuse two fragments together either at a node or at a bond.

To use Fuse Fragment:

1.  With the Selection Tool pre-select either a node or a bond in one fragment. The Fuse Fragment option in Draw menu becomes active.

2.  Select Fuse Fragment from Draw menu and the cursor will change to two facing arrows.

3.  Place the cursor over a suitable object for fusing. If a node in fragment 1 is selected, then the cursor needs to be over a node in fragment 2 to be valid for fusion. Similarly if a bond is selected in fragment 1, then the cursor becomes active only when it is positioned over a bond in fragment 2. The second fragment selected is fused onto the first. That means that the orientation of the first fragment selected is preserved, the second fragment selected may be rotated to allow fusion. Also, the atom and bond types in the first fragment are preserved; they override those in the second fragment selected.

Use the Undo Fuse command in the Edit menu to undo the fuse if you do not like the results.

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