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Using Repeating Groups

You can insert a repeating group into your structure query.  

To create and use a repeating group:

1.  Draw a structure that will contain the repeating group.

2.  With the Selection tool, select the nodes that are to become members of a repeating group. Hold the Shift key to select more than one node. There must be two attachments to the repeating group that are not part of the repeating group.

3.  Select Repeating Groups from the Draw menu.  In the Repeating Group Range dialog box, type the numerical range for the group to repeat (0-20 times).  Click OK.

The group is bracketed and subscripted with the repeating range entered.  

To delete a repeating group from a structure:

1.  Click the Selection tool.  Select an atom in the repeating group to be deleted.

2.  Select Delete from the Draw menu to delete the repeating group definition.  

The atoms in the repeating groups are not deleted.  Only the brackets and repeating range are deleted.

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