Welcome to STN Express 8.5
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Logon Setup
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Online Session
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Online Search Aids
Structure Searching Overview
Structure Drawing Tools
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Reaction Queries
WPI Structures
Structure Preferences Menu
Creating Reports and Tables
Variable Group (R-group) Analysis
Main Preferences
Updating Support Files
Using Scripts
    What is a Script?
    Writing a Script
    Script Language Components
    Script Variables
    Script Character Strings
    Script Numbers
    Script File Names
    Script Labels
    Script Operators and Conditions
    Syntax Requirements
    Script Statement Description
    Prompt (=>) Statement
    Assignment Statement
    BEGIN/END Statement
    BREAK Statement
    CAPTURE Statement
    CLOSE Statement
    CONTINUE Statement
    DELETE Statement
    DROP DTR statement
    ECHO Statement
    EDIT Statement
    EXEC Statement
    EXIT Statement
    GET Statement
    GOSUB statement
    GOTO Statement
    IF Statement
    ONEXIT Statement
    OPEN Statement
    PAGE Statement
    PAUSE Statement
    PRINT Statement
    RAISE DTR Statement
    READ Statement
    RETURN Statement
    SEND Statement
    STNLOGON Statement
    SUBSTR function
    TRYAGAIN Statement
    UPLOAD Statement
    USER Statement
    VT320 Statement
    WAIT Statement
    WRITE Statement
    Script Tips
    Running a Script
    Script Examples
    Registry Number Script Example
    Author Search Script Example
    Predefined Logon Setup Variables
    Predefined STN Variables
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