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Using Analyze Plus

The Analyze Plus wizard is used for:

To use the Analyze Plus wizard:

  1. Conduct a search in one or more databases.

  2. Select the answer set and click Analyze Plus.

          STN Analyze Plus Wizard

  1. Select one or two fields to be analyzed (the default is two fields).  Group similar terms is checked by default.

Analyze Plus will select the most appropriate database fields in the following cases:

NOTE: In STN Express 8.5, this automatic field selection may not work for some databases.  If Analyze Plus returns a "NOT A VALID FIELD CODE" error, or uses PY where you would prefer PY.B, click on the Option button, choose Custom, and enter the specific Field Code and Field Name that you want Analyze Plus to use.

  1. Click Options to customize the selection and display of terms.

  2. Click OK to return to the Analyze Plus Wizard window.  Click Analyze.

  3. The Data Group Tool is displayed.  See Data Grouping for details.  Click Finish when you are done.

STN Express cross-tabulates your data and displays it in a Microsoft Excel worksheet.  Click the 3-D Column tab near the bottom left of the window to view the analyzed terms as a chart.  Click Cross-tab to return to the cross-tabulation view.  A second Microsoft Excel worksheet is also created.  To display it, select the other worksheet from the Window menu.  This worksheet contains the raw data that can be manipulated by standard Microsoft Excel features.

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