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Analyze Plus Wizard Options

To use the Analyze Plus Wizard options, click the Options button.




You have four options to customize the Analyze Plus Wizard: Terms to View, Truncate Text, Fields, and Sort.


Terms to View

Use this option to specify the number of terms for each field to be included in the final analysis.  The default is to use all terms.


   Analyze Plus Wizard Option Terms to View


NOTE: When doing a two-field analysis, dropping terms from the first field may cause terms from the second field to be dropped, if the term from the first field was the only hit on the term from the second field.


Truncate Text

Use this option to specify the maximum number of characters to be used from each term, starting at the first character.  The default is to use all characters.  The characters are truncated before the analysis is done.  Therefore, terms which are identical for the selected number of characters will be grouped together.


   Analyze Plus Wizard Truncate Text Option




Use this option to change the analysis field.  

   Analyze Plus Wizard Field Options




Use this option to specify the initial sort order for each field in the analysis.


   Analyze Plus Wizard Sort Options



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