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Save for SciFinder Wizard

The Save Answers for SciFinder wizard is available to export an answer set from STN Express into SciFinder.


SciFinder utilizes the .akx (Answer Key eXchange) file format.


To use the Save for SciFinder wizard:

  1. Complete your STN search in either CAplus, REGISTRY or MEDLINE databases.

  2. In the Results wizard of the Select Discover! Wizard window, click Save for SciFinder.

  3. The Save Answers for SciFinder Wizard opens. .akx is the default file format. Click the Browse button to select the location for the file to be saved. Type a file name.

  4. Determine how many answers you want to save (Save all answers is the default).

  5. If you need to share this answer set with a colleague within your organization, click Send as an e-mail attachment. This will open a 'send message' window using your default e-mail program on your computer and your newly created .akx file is attached to the message.  You are now able to fill in the subject line, any message and the recipient's e-mail address.

  6. Click the Save button.


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