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Generating WPI Fragmentation Code Strategy

You can generate a WPI fragmentation code strategy from a structure for searching in the WPIDS or WPINDEX databases on STN as follows:

  1. Create a WPI structure. You may also choose to include non-structural codes and sugar codes for your WPI Fragmentation code strategy.  You may add these codes before or after drawing your structure by selecting Include WPI Other Code Concepts from the Query menu.

  2. Select Generate WPI Strategy from the Query main menu.

  3. Open a WPI structure.  The structure is displayed in the preview box.  

  4. Select the SUBS you want to search.

  5. Select Include OCC if you had included Other Code Concepts in your strategy.  This option is not available if codes have not been pre-selected.

  6. Check Generate RIN codes only to generate only RINs for your WPI structure.

  7. After the WPI Fragmentation code strategy has been generated, STN Express displays the strategy in the File Editor window.  The strategy is in the form of an STN Express script file with the .sc extension applied to the name of the structure.

  8. Save the strategy using the Save or Save As command from the File menu.  In addition to the actual script file, the program also creates a file with the extension .stg which contains information about any linked structure.

  9. To run the WPI Fragmentation Code Strategy, enter the file, e.g., WPIDS, select Run Script File from the Query menu in the STN Online and Results window and open the .sc file with your fragmentation strategy.  

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