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Create Questel Merged Markush Setup

STN Express® can be configured to connect to Questel and the Merged Markush Service (MMS) using an Internet connection.


Assumptions and Preparation


Creating your Setup

First, launch STN Express so that the Main Menu and Toolbar appear on your desktop.



Click the Setup button (it looks like a key for lock) on the STN Express main toolbar or Setup | Connections....

NOTE: If you are asked if you want to use the STN Setup Wizard, click No.


The STN Setup window should appear as shown below.



If this is your first logon setup, there are no entries in the Setup Names box. If this is not your first setup, you will see the names of all your logon setups.

Click New and the window below appears:




If you have other problems related to connecting to STN or other technical questions, please contact your STN Service Center.


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