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Merged Markush Service from Questel

To access the Merged Markush Service (MMS) via STN Express®, follow these steps:

  1. Launch STN Express.  

  2. Click on the Setup button on the toolbar of the STN Express Main Menu and select New.  Create an STN Express setup to access Questel.  For logon setup information for Questel, visit Create Questel Merged Markush Service (MMS) setup.

  3. Log on using the Setup created for Questel.  Capture session to create a transcript of your session.  

  4. Type MMS text commands to create a structure query, or retrieve a saved file with all commands listed.  

  5. Type the ’VE’ command for query verification.  The MMS viewer opens in a new window to display the query.

  6. Click Exit to close the viewer.  The graphic image of the query is inserted into the online session.  Note the hyperlinked ”MMS Display” above the query.  Click on that link to re-open the viewer with the query.  

  7. Type ’FI’ to finish, then ’RE’ to initiate a structure search. Generally an Atom-by-Atom search is also done.

  8. When the search is completed, use ’VI’ to display answers.  The viewer will open and display the first selected answer.

  9. Click Exit to close the viewer and return to the main window.  Note that graphic images of the structures selected for display have been inserted into the online session.


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