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Secure Connection to STN via SSL-VPN

SSL-VPN connection creates a Virtual Private Network by using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol. This provides a secure, encrypted communication connection from your computer to the STN servers.  SSL-VPN is available for connections only to the STN service centers, not to other database suppliers.

To set up a secure and encrypted connection to STN via SSL-VPN:

A. Configure STN Express®  

  1. Launch the STN Express main toolbar, but do not log on to STN Express.  

  2. Create a new setup by selecting Setup and Connections from the Main Menu of STN Express. Alternatively, click on the Setup button on the main STN Express task bar.

  3. Select New in the STN Setup Window.

  4. Enter the following in the Setup Definition dialog box:

      Click OK to exit the setup creation window.  Click Save in the STN Setup window and then click OK to exit.

B.  Establish a secure and encrypted communication with STN


If you have difficulty with the automatic logon, you can connect manually by doing the following:

  1. From the STN Express main toolbar, click Web, highlight STN Tokyo or STN Karlsruhe or STN Columbus, and choose STN [Host Name] Secure Connection.

  2. Confirm all security advices and security certificates. Confirm the web browser´s security certificate in order to install and execute the signed JAVA Secure Applet on your PC. Confirm the installation and execution of the JAVA Secure Applet.

  3. Wait until the secure connection is established. A separate small status window reports the status of connection. A green flashing signal confirms successful connection.  Leave the status window open for the duration of your STN Express session.  


  1. Launch STN Express. Click the Logon button from the Main Menu /Toolbar.

  2. Select the SSL-VPN setup in the Select Logon Settings window. Click OK to log on using the SSL-VPN connection.  

Note: If you have logged on to STN and the session manager window Sent and Received packets remain at 0 bytes, you did not log on using the SSL-VPN setup and your session is not being encrypted.  Log off from STN and log on again using your SSL-VPN setup.


SSL-VPN tips for optimal use

Connectivity Problems

If you are having problems getting the SSL-VPN session established, here are a few reasons this could happen:

Within a browser window:


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