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Setup for WPIX/WPIDS Subscribers - changes needed for STN AnaVist

If you are an STN Express user with WPIX or WPIDS subscriber access, and you want to be able to view WPI documents exported STN AnaVist in WPIX or WPIDS format, you first need to make a change to your STN Express account setup.


NOTE: STN Express users with WPINDEX access do not need to make this setup change.


To change your account setup:

  1. Access the Preferences panel for STN Online and Results:

  1. Select the Account tab.

  2. In the STN Account Type section, make sure that DERWENT subscriber is checked.

  1. From the Display AnaVist WPI family answers in: list, select the appropriate choice, either:

NOTE: If you are not sure of your institution's WPI subscriber version, check with your Site Administrator or help desk, or contact CAS Customer Center.  Your choice must match your institution's WPI subscriber version.

  1. Click OK.

Using the Display from STN AnaVist wizard, you should now be able to view your STN AnaVist data in full format, in the WPIDS or WPIX subscriber version.


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