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Capturing Transcripts

The Capture Session dialog is displayed at login.

To capture your online session as a transcript, type a name for the session in the File name text box and click Open.  The default type format is *.trn.  Select another file type, e.g., RTF (Rich Text Format) if you want your transcript captured in Rich Text Format.

Click Cancel to continue the logon process with no transcript.

If you choose the name of an existing transcript, a message is displayed asking if you want to append or overwrite the existing transcript. You may also cancel session capture.

Check Show structure queries to include structure queries in your transcript.

When the connection to STN is completed, the STN arrow prompt (=>) is displayed in the STN Online and Results window.

Refer to Postprocessing Preferences for information on how to change the default file type for capturing transcripts or to turn off Capture Session at login.

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