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Creating Query Summary File

You can create a separate file (.pdf or .rtf) summarizing your search history.  This allows you to provide a definitive record of what was searched, including relevant structure and sequence queries and query attributes.  

To create a query summary file:

1.  Conduct your searches.  

2.  At the conclusion of the searching you wish to include in the summary, enter one of the following commands:

Alternatively, to ensure that complete history information is always included in your transcripts, enter SET LHIS ON PERM.  This command executes a DISPLAY HISTORY NOF each time you logoff from STN.

Note that other types of displays of session history, e.g., D HIS, do not create query summary files.

3.  Select Create Query Summary File from the Query menu.

4.  Choose the format for the file: .pdf or rtf.

You can create a Query Summary file while still online or after logoff from the captured .trn or .rtf file.   

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