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Creating Search Term Script Files

Search term script files can save you time and effort by automating the process of creating a complete search script from a text file of search terms.  This script can then be used as often as needed for efficient searching.

To create a search term script file:

  1. Create a file (e.g., 17pn.tx) with your search terms (e.g., 17 patent numbers) using any common text editor program.

  2. Select Create Search Term Script File from the Query menu. This may be done offline or during an online session.

  3. In the Create Search Term Script File dialog box, enter or select the following:

Click OK to save the script file.  A file will be created with the necessary commands and field codes appended to the supplied search terms.

          Click OK in response the message that the script file was created.

Select Check Script File from the Query menu to check the script file.  If there are no errors in the script file, a message is displayed.  

To run the script file online:

  1. Log on to STN, if you are not online, and enter the STN database(s) where you want to run the search.

  2. Select Run Script File from the Query menu in the STN Online and Results window and Open the script file (e.g., 17pnout).  The search is automatically run in the file(s).   

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