Colors/Fonts/Scaling Preferences

Click the Colors/Fonts/Scaling tab to define colors and fonts in your online window or Browse Transcript window or for prints; to scale structure graphics; and to modify TIFF viewer scale settings.

To change...

Do this...

Color of highlighted text or the color of the text you type at a prompt

Click the radio button adjacent to Highlight text or Prompt text, respectively. Then click the color that you want.

Style of hit terms (your search terms) in transcripts, online, or in reports

Select the style under Highlight style.

Font of text in the online window or browser window or when printing a transcript

Click the Change button in the Display Font box or the Printer Font box, respectively.  A Font dialog is displayed.  You may modify the font and point size.  For display fonts, only fixed-width fonts are available.  For print fonts, only fixed width printer and True Type fonts are available.  Proportional fonts are not available because text does not line up properly when they are used.

Structure graphic scaling factors

Enter a new scaling factor. The defaults are 1.0 for both scaling factors. If the two factors are not changed proportionately, vertical or horizontal distortion will occur.

Initial scale used by the TIFF Viewer

Click the appropriate radio button next to the Full, Half, or Quarter option.

Default post processing font

Click Change under Default postprocessing font.

Japanese font

Pick the desired font next to Japanese font.

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