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Online Preferences

Use the Online tab to customize your online searching environment. Click the box adjacent to the preferences you want to activate. Then click OK.

Option Selected


Continuous scrolling

Text and graphics scroll without interruption (recommended).

Modifiable queries

Uploaded structure queries may be modified in the STRUCTURE command.

Use filters

Automatically upload structure filters when they are available.

Enable idle time warning    

Warning message is displayed after no commands are sent to STN for 15 minutes.

File Transfer: Log Packets

A log of upload and download (Kermit) activity is created. Select only on request by STN support staff for problem resolution.

File Transfer: Long packets 4000

Allows faster downloads of TIFF images and other files when Kermit is used (recommended).

Reduce CPU usage when Online

Puts STN Terminal Emulation into a passive mode that uses less CPU resources when waiting for you to enter data. If this option is not selected, STN Terminal Emulation uses all the idle CPU time on your local system, without degrading performance of your machine.

Display international characters

Allows proper display of international characters when you are connected to an online host that supports those characters. This option cannot be used if the connection route to the host computer requires the use of parity. If the data display from your online host appears to be corrupt, turn this option off.  If the problem is resolved, then your connection is using parity.

Autoload command history into Command Window

Command history for the current session is automatically loaded at the time you open the command window.

Do not make uploaded structure queries ”Read only”

If an uploaded structure query is displayed in a transcript and the query was modified after it was uploaded, the transcript will display the query as it appears now and not as it appeared at the time of upload and search.

Do not create a file with structure query attributes

Text files with structure query attributes are not created.

Highlight CA Lexicon terms on command line

CA Lexicon terms are highlighted on the command line by either yellow boxes or wavy underlines.

Create and update personal dictionary

Personal dictionary, consisting of an alphabetical listing of your search terms, is created.  These terms may be selected for use in SEARCH or EXPAND.

Clear Dictionary

Remove all terms from your personal dictionary.


Opens a Personal Dictionary Options window with checkboxes for types of terms to exclude from being added to your personal dictionary.

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