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Postprocessing Preferences

Option Selected


Capture at logon

Transcript is automatically captured at logon (default).

Capture as RTF

Transcript is captured in Rich Text Format.

Confirm Transcript Capture Stop

Confirmation message is displayed if you stop capture of transcript (default).

Wrap Abstracts in Export

Text of abstracts is automatically wrapped in RTF transcripts (default).

Use fixed-width fonts on non-wrapping fields in reports and tables

Tabular STN data, e.g., patent family information, line up in reports and tables (default).

Enable Full-text links in reports and exported transcripts

Full-text links are preserved in reports and RTF transcripts (default.

Combine Author and Inventor in reports and tables

Combine author and inventor data in reports and tables (default).

Combine Patent Assignee and Corporate Source

Combine patent assignees and corporate source in reports and tables (default).

Autosave Transcript

Transcript is periodically saved for a specified number of minutes, while you are online.  

Uninvert chemical names in predefined substance reports and tables

Keep inverted names in predefined substance reports and tables.

Split Hit Structures from graphics in reports and tables

Separate Hit Structures from graphics in custom reports and tables.

Export answer checkboxes to RTF or PDF

Checkboxes are saved in reports that are saved as RTF or PDF.

Symbol characters

Symbols and special characters, e.g., Greek letters, display as symbols or special characters in reports, tables, and transcripts (default).

Expand abbreviations

CAS standard abbreviations are automatically expanded in transcripts, e.g., ”oxidn.” is expanded to ”oxidation”  (default).

Launch Excel when saving as Excel

Microsoft Excel (the application associated with .xls files) is launched when a file is saved in Excel format (default).

Launch Word when saving as RTF

Microsoft Word (the application associated with .rtf files) is launched when a file is saved in RTF (default).

Export one report answer per page

Export one report answer per page.

Export reports and tables direct to file

Useful when you want to create RTF without creating a .rep file for example.

Include L# in Table Answer Field

L-numbers are included in Table answers.

Autofit tables

Optimal fit of data in tables is achieved.

Combine Table PN and Kind

Patent number and kind code are included within a single cell in patent-related tabular display of patent information.

Export Graphics to single Excel cell

If this option is checked, all the graphics for an answer are placed within a single cell.  If this option is not checked, each graphic for an answer is placed in a separate cell.

Cover Page title from template

The title on the STN Express report cover page is saved in a template.

Use Groupings

Use the groupings, e.g., standardized Company names generated within Analyze Plus, in the report.

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