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BLAST® Report with Alignment Data


The BLAST Report with Alignment Data will create a report by merging BLAST alignment data obtained from CAS Registry BLAST® with selected fields from a transcript containing displays of the associated CAplusSM  and/or REGISTRYSM  records.  Note that:

  1. The Registry displays must include the RN field

  2. The CAplus displays must include the IT field

  3. The BLAST alignment data for each RN will only be inserted once, after the first appearance of the associated RN in the transcript.

To create a BLAST Report with Alignment Data:

  1. Within CAS Registry BLAST:  Follow the steps described in Get STN Sequence Data to obtain the BLAST alignment data and the transcript of the related CAplus and/or REGISTRY records.

  2. Within STN Express:

    1. From the main menu bar select Results > BLAST Report with Alignment Data. Or, from the STN Online and Results window select File  BLAST Report with Alignment Data.

    2. The Select BLAST Reports window opens.

      1. Select one or more alignment data files using Browse to Add to locate and add files and Remove to remove a selected file. The most recently used file is included by default.

      2. The default is to exclude alignments longer than 1000 residues and to include both REGISTRY and bibliographic data. You may change those selections.

      3. Click OK.

  3. The Report Tool window opens.  Select from the buttons on the left side of the Report Tool window.  Alternatively, use the Next and Back buttons to move sequentially among the screens. When selected, each button displays a screen with options for you to choose. Once the transcript is chosen, you can click the buttons for different screens in any order.





Select one transcript for the report


Select a template for the report from those previously saved


Select which answers and transcript components to include in the report


Select and format the fields to include in answers


Customize highlighting of terms in the report

Cover Page

Define the content and format for the optional cover page


Define the content and format for the optional header or footer


Create charts for the report based on data from fields in the transcript(s)


The Report Tool window also includes the following buttons on the bottom of the window:




Save Template

Save current configuration as a custom template for future reports


Open preview page for the report


Produce the report once all content and style selections have been made


Go back to a previous screen


Go to the next screen


Cancel the report creation process

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