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Creating Cover Page for Reports or Tables

To create a cover page:

  1. Check STN Express Cover Page on the Cover Page screen if you want to create a cover page for your report.  Select Attach File if you want a file with an existing cover page to print with your report.

  2. Choose the content of your cover page by selecting from the options on the left, e.g., Title.

  3. Click the Order tab to change the order of appearance of the selected items on the cover page.  Highlight the item and move it with the up and down buttons.  

  4. Click the tab for each desired selection, e.g., Title, to enter or modify the existing information and default format for the selection. For example, when you click the Title tab, the default title, consisting of the names of the transcripts, is displayed in the default font and size.  You may modify or replace the text and select the Format button to change the font.

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