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Defining the Content of Custom Reports or Tables

In the Content tab of the Report Tool or Table Tool, you may select parts of the following information from your transcript:

Click in the appropriate boxes to include this content.  

Select Summary page and Summary Options if you want to include a hyperlinked summary of answers at the beginning of your report.

If Answers is checked in the Data Information section, the window on the right displays the L-number(s) and the number of answers to be included for each L-number. Click the box with a plus sign to expand answer detail for each L-number. Uncheck the box for an answer if you do not want to include it in your report.

Click Check All under a section to include all content.  Click Uncheck All to reset all boxes to empty.

You also have options to:

Click Format Report Comments to set formatting for any comments that you will add to the report.  

When the Report Tool or Table Tool is used again, the previous content selections are recalled.

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