Script CAPTURE Statement

CAPTURE {ON | OFF} <[file name [/A]]>

The CAPTURE statement turns on or off transcript capture for your online session

If the CAPTURE ON file already exists, it is overwritten. /A opens the transcript in append mode.

Entering a file name is optional. If you do not enter a file name, you must still type <>. CAPTURE ON <> prompts you to enter the transcript file name using the standard Capture Session dialog. The Capture Session dialog allows you to overwrite or append to an existing transcript.

Capture may be to a standard STN Express transcript or to an RTF file. To capture to an RTF file, include a ".rtf" file name extension. The use of any other file name extension, ,including".RTF,"  or no extension at all, results in a standard .trn-format transcript.

CAPTURE OFF <> stops capture.

For example:

CAPTURE ON <tranfile>
=> e smith/au

results in the line "THIS LINE OF TEXT" and the result of the expand command being placed in a file named tranfile in the Transcripts folder defined in your General Preferences.

Capture is turned off when STN Express receives the CAPTURE OFF <> statement or when the online session ends.

If an error occurs, the _$filerror system variable is non-zero.

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