Predefined Logon Setup Variables

If you intend to write your own scripts that connect through a network or log on to an online host, be sure you understand the details of a logon setup. Many of the values defined in a logon setup are available to STN Express scripts as variables. Below is a list of these variables and the fields in the setup dialogs to which they correspond.

Setup Definition Dialog

Host Information


Login ID




Host Name; set to "STN" for all STN hosts


name of STN Node (Columbus, Karlsruhe, or Tokyo)




Connect via


Value selected from network list when the Logon Method is Standard


NUA (Network User Address)


NUA (Network User Address)


NUP (Network User Password)


Communication Settings






Primary Phone #


Secondary Phone #


Host Settings


Choice of Service (Questel only )


Graphics (STN only)


STN Port (STN only)

Advanced Dialog

Prompt Character strings




Gateway Login ID


Gateway Password


Execute at command prompt


Value of first (top) "Execute" box




Value of fifth (bottom) "Execute" box


Modem Configuration


Initialization String

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