Script UPLOAD Statement

UPLOAD [LNUM _var1,_var2,_var3...] <file name>

The UPLOAD statement is used to upload a structure query to STN. The result of the UPLOAD is one or more L-numbered queries.

The LNUM keyword indicates the beginning of a list of variables. The variables are assigned the L-number or L-numbers of the uploaded structure. Usually, only one variable is needed. Multiple variables are needed when a reaction query with multiple participants is uploaded in an STN file that does not support reaction searching. In that situation, each of the participants is uploaded into its own L-numbered query. Commas must separate variables in the list.

<file name> is a full path to a .str query file created in Stucture Drawing.

For example:


This statement uploads the structure query file STR1.STR to STN and stores the resulting L-number value in the _line1 variable.

If an error occurs, the _$filerror system variable is non-zero.

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