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CA Lexicon Search Aid

STN Express® makes it easy to use the CA Lexicon terminology in CAplus and CA files on STN.

In the CA or CAplus file, when you enter a search term that is in the CA Lexicon, STN Express automatically highlights the term in a yellow box. That default is set in the Online tab of Preferences. You may also select a wavy purple underline for identifying any of the CA Lexicon terms in your search statements.

To add CA Lexicon terms to your search profile:

  1. Enter a search term in CA or CAplus.  If the term or phrase is in the CA Lexicon, it is highlighted in a yellow box.  Right-click on the highlighted term to view the CA Lexicon entries.

  2. CA Lexicon entries for the highlighted term are listed in a separate CA Lexicon display window. The CA Lexicon feature does not work in the command window. The CA Lexicon terms are the results of the following STN interaction: EXPAND term+ALL/CT. Select the terms to include in your search strategy. Select the Boolean operator (AND, OR).  Uncheck the box Use parentheses, if you do not want parentheses to be automatically included.  Click Add Terms. Close the CA Lexicon display window.

  3. Press the Return key to execute the search with the CA Lexicon terms included.  Note that the CA Lexicon terms are searched in the Basic Index. You may change the search field or add more terms to the search profile, before you press the Return key. Make sure that the CA Lexicon display window is closed when you are finished using the CA Lexicon. If you press Return while the CA Lexicon window is still active, the selected CA Lexicon terms will be added again.

To use CA Lexicon to complete search terms:

  1. Start typing a term in the SEARCH or EXPAND command.

  2. Select Look up in Lexicon dictionary from the Online Menu.

  3. Lexicon terms appear in a separate window. This feature does not work in the command window. Double-click the term that you want to use in your SEARCH or EXPAND statement. The term is automatically completed.

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