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Window Menu in Structure Drawing

Several query structures can be open at the same time. Each open file is displayed in a separate window; the open windows can be tiled, cascaded, or displayed as icons.  All open windows are listed in the Window Menu. The current window is checked.  The Window Menu provides options for the appearance of structure windows.

Menu option

How it works


Causes all open windows to be cascaded, with the current window on top. Clicking on any window in the cascade makes it the active window and brings it to the top of the cascade.

Tile Horizontal

Causes all open windows to be tiled horizontally so that several queries can be displayed and modified simultaneously, e.g., fragments can be copied and pasted between windows.

Tile Vertical

Causes all open windows to be tiled horizontally or vertically

Arrange Icons

This option becomes active when an open window has been minimized. Each open window can be minimized (displayed as an icon) by clicking on the down arrow on the header bar of that window. The down arrow is displayed only when windows have been cascaded or tiled. Arrange Icons displays all open window icons at the bottom left of the drawing screen. Click, hold and drag on an icon to move it. Click once on an icon and then on the Restore option to redisplay the window in either its tiled or cascaded form. The Maximize option maximizes that window so that it fills the structure drawing screen.

Close All

Closes all open drawing windows.

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