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Structure Preferences: Save Time


What the effect is


Automatically saves any query being drawn after the number of seconds specified. For Untitled queries, you will be prompted for a name, followed by the standard Save options. If you choose to cancel this option, you will be prompted again (after the specified number of seconds) once another change is made to the query.

Initial Save Dialog Checkbox states

Specify your preference for the initial value of the following save time options:

Query Verify: the Query Verification dialog is displayed at save time.

G-group Orientation: G-groups containing fragments must have their fragment orientation specified when a G-group contains two fragments and has two points of attachment to the core structure.  

Refine Using Structure Filters: Structure filters and screens interface will be invoked at save time.


Save all Chain Atoms as Ring/Chain: all chain atoms are set to Ring/Chain when saved.

Save all Chain Bonds as Ring/Chain: all bonds are set to Ring/Chain when saved.

Save all Terminal Atoms as Ring/Chain: all terminal chain atoms are set to Ring/Chain when saved.   

Select chain atoms/nodes to save as Ring/Chain: manually select atoms and/or bonds to be saved as Ring/Chain.  


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