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Standard Toolbar in Structure Drawing

The standard toolbar displays at the top of the Structure Drawing window.  The standard toolbar provides quick and easy access to common functions.  

Toolbar Button


Open a new Standard STN structure drawing window

Open existing structure drawing queries

Save the current structure

Print the current structure

Undo the last action

Cut the selected structure or structure fragment and places it on the clipboard

Copy the selected structure or structure fragment and place it on the clipboard

Paste the clipboard contents into the current structure query

Display the Shortcut menu which contains shortcuts to insert in your query

Display the Variable Selection menu, which contains variables to insert in your query

Verify the query's attributes

Fuse two structures or structure fragments together

Center the structure in the Structure Drawing window

Display the carbon atoms as C, dots, or angles

Toggle the use of the reaction drawing mode

Toggle the use of the Functional Group drawing mode

Set structure drawing preferences

Logon to an online vendor

Show STN Express help topics

Additional toolbar buttons



 (no longer used since SpecInfo removed from STN)

Open a new SpecInfo structure drawing window

Open a new WPI structure drawing window

Save the current structure with a new name

Analyze the structure query and suggest filters

View existing filters

View the existing Functional Group script file

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