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Customizing Highlighting in Transcripts with Dictionaries

To create a list of terms to be highlighted in a transcript:

  1. Select Browse Document and open a transcript.

  2. To create a dictionary file with your list of terms, select Edit Dictionary from the Edit menu.

  3. In the Dictionary File dialog, click New to create a new dictionary file.

  4. In the Edit Dictionary dialog, type a term that you want highlighted in your transcript.  Click Add to add it to the dictionary file.  Continue adding up to 10 terms.  Terms are listed in alphabetical order and are not case-sensitive.  Click the color in which you want the terms highlighted.  Click OK.  

  5. Save the dictionary file at the next prompt.

  6. To apply the dictionary, select Install Dictionary from the Edit menu.

  7. In the Dictionary File dialog, select the dictionary file to apply.  Click Open.

The selected dictionary file is applied to the current transcript, i.e., the terms that you have added to the dictionary file are now highlighted by displaying them in the color that you have selected.

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