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Manual Updating of Support Files

CAS provides two methods of manually updating those files for customers who cannot use Automatic Updating.  Both manual methods provide the same files as Automatic Updating; the difference is in how the files are installed.  The installers for both methods plus documentation can be obtained from the License and Download site.  


Using the ZIP file method:

This method can be used for STN Express 8.3 and later releases.  It does not require administrator privileges.  It will update the Support Files in a single user’s My Documents\STN Express 8.x/Data folder.


Finding the path to your \Data folder:

• You can find the location of your Data folder by looking in the STN Express General Preferences.  

• Start STN Express, then click on Setup>Preferences>General.  

• To find the \Data folder, take the path in the User Scripts: field and replace \Uscripts with \Data.  


To update the Support Files using the ZIP file:  

1. Download the file from the STN Express License and Download site.

2. Open the ZIP file with WinZip or any comparable file extraction tool.

3. Extract the files to the My Documents\STN Express 8.x\Data folder, overwriting the files of the same names in that folder.

4. Exit the file extraction program.

5. Delete the file


The updated Support Files are now ready for use and will be in effect when you next run STN Express.


Using the EXE file method:

This method can be used for STN Express 8.4 or later releases.  (It will not work with STN Express 8.3.)  It requires administrator privileges to run the installer; however, once the installer has finished, then a normal user level login will complete the update process for individual users of STN Express.


This program updates the Support Files in the shared template file location created by the STN Express installer

• C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\STN Express 8.x\Data in Windows XP

• C:\Program Data\STN Express 8.x\Data in Vista and Windows 7


The next time any user on this computer runs STN Express, STN Express will copy the updated Support Files to that user’s personal folders in My Documents\STN Express 8.x\Data, completing the automatic support file update process (you will see a brief advisory message box that files are being updated).


To update the Support Files using the EXE file:  

1. Exit STN Express.

2. Download the file SupportFiles.exe from the STN Express License and Download site.

3. Run the executable file with administrator privileges (use Run as if your login ID does not have administrator privileges), then click Setup.




4. The Welcome screen will display.  Click Next.

5. The target location for the updates is displayed.  This will be the shared location.  Do not change this.  Click Next.



6. When the installation process completes, a window will display announcing successful installation.  Click Finish.



7. Start STN Express.  


The support files will be updated in your My Documents\STN Express 8.x\Data folder.


8. Delete the file SupportFiles.exe.  



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