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File Tab of R-group Analysis Table Tool

The File tab of the R-group Analysis Table Tool includes a box to Preview R-group file. When this box is checked, a structure preview pane is displayed on the right. This pane contains the structures for the answers included in the saved R-group file. Each answer is labeled, numbered, and automatically checked to be used for R-group analysis. You may select or deselect each answer. In addition, the following options are available:  



Select All

Checks and selects all answers.

Invert Selection

Selects unchecked answers and deselects checked answers.

Save Selected

Displays a window for saving the selected answers as an R-group file (.rgp).

If an answer contains more than one component, each component is labeled and displayed separately. Single-atom components are labeled as Other components. Other components are not included in R-group analysis. Click the View hyperlink to view the structure of each component in a separate window. By default, the first component is selected for R-group analysis. Click the radio button for another component to select it for R-group analysis. Preview all the structures to make sure that the desired component structures are selected.  

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